This was a particularly painful experience for me. I’m posting it because it’s such a personal issue and a unique, raw perspective on my life.


My name is Royce Duong, I live in unit 304.

Skipping over the lengthy and disturbing details.

Fleas started to breed in my apartment…

With money, power, and influence you can push your view into the world.

Without it, you have to accept it as it is.

“MPI” is going to be made.
Someone is going to get it.
Someone is going to change the world with it.
Why shouldn’t that person be you?

I recently took my first vacation after 2 years of working. A week and a half of enjoying my time and looking at my life through a different lens.

When I got back, my contribution at work started to slip. …

This preface was cut from my original 2020 Vision post (dated Jan 6, 2020) and pasted here

After reflecting on my life and talking with a bunch of friends, I came up with a long check list and shared it with my personal coach.

“Get XYZ certification, attend XYZ conference, save X dollars..”

During our call, we realized that I came up with a really long to-do list. They are tasks I should.. and WILL do, but it was transactional and dry.

A vision is something that inspires you. It conjures a feeling. It sources you with emotions that drive you to complete your check list.

That list should be in alignment with your vision.

So I went back to the drawing board and spent time thinking about the feelings/experiences that I’m most excited about this year.


Original Blog Post Here: 2020 Vision

I went go kart racing this weekend and learned two surprising life lessons.

  1. Stop sliding before the turn.
  2. They beat you two corners ago.

1. Stop sliding before the next turn

When you’re sliding, you don’t have control.

No control = No grip = No acceleration.

Sliding into a corner means you’re fidgeting with your steering wheel…

The world has undergone incredible change.
It’s easy hear COVID and wallow while we wait to be saved..
But I challenge you to take another perspective.

During my formative years, I learned an incredible lesson in World History.

After the Roman Empire collapse, Europe fell into a period known as the Dark Ages.


The rest of the world was experiencing thriving international trade and general peace. A blossoming time for diverse religion and thought. Innovation in navigation, science, and mathematics..

We are experiencing unbelievably dark times - but I also believe there are incredible opportunities to be discovered.

Whether you capitalize on that is 100% up to you.

That moment when you’re completely driven by something.

It’s not just “being in the zone”.

There is an intense drive underneath it. To accomplish things you've never done. To push beyond any boundary you’ve ever known.

Like a rocket firing off all it’s boosters at launch or a tiger pushing all it’s power to chase it’s prey.

When the colors around your blur.
When nothing else matters.
A singular goal and a carnal drive to get what is yours.

I don’t know what it’s called.. but maybe it’s my new definition of happiness.

About 2 months ago… life was rough.
Lots of changes, incredible stress with my living situation, progress at work wasn’t happening fast enough, my neurotic tendencies flared, I felt trapped, I felt small, and the weight of the world was crushing.

Something clicked this past week and everything came into…

Directing your own life. Living the life you want, on your terms.
That belief system has always been a part of me. To be free — to be a rebel.

Get good grades? Nah. Go to bed by a certain time? Please…
I’d rather be happy! …

Linear growth is like a savings account. Put in a little more and you can measure the results with basic addition. It’s easy to communicate and simple to understand.

Geometric growth changes trajectory. Beyond adding, this requires more advance ideas like velocity and acceleration. It’s much more difficult to communicate…

Royce Duong

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